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S04E05: Mark Little

Going face-to-PicnicFace with Mark Little

Mark Little took time away from his busy schedule to join us in studio to talk about improv, television, and the quenching ability of PowerThirst!!!

Join tva, Mark, Darcy and Ian as we face off on the following:

– The arduous schedule of being on the TV schedule
– Life between the west, the east, and the middle-ground
– Hosting the JFL “Homegrown” competition
– The evolution of “PicnicFace”

Thanks and enjoy!


S04E02: CATP-LIVE! with Ian MacIntyre and Fraser Young

Shooting for three with Fraser Young and Ian MacIntyre.

Our second live recording of the podcast at Comedy Bar in Toronto with Ian MacIntyre and Fraser Young.

Join tva, Fraser, and Ian as we shoot from the paint on:

– Battling the Oscars
– What life is like on “Sunday Night Live”
– Really awful bad crowd moments when performing
– Why the NBA All-Star Skills competition was lame
– “The Rob and Doug Ford Radio Show and Other Really Crappy Things”

Thanks and enjoy!


S04E01: DeAnne Smith

Cutting it up with DeAnne Smith.
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Season 4 of the podcast starts strong with the wonderful talent and friend that is DeAnne Smith.

Join tva, DeAnne, and Ian as we slash through the following:

– Touring far and wide for jokery
– DeAnne and tva in Australia
– Dating gone horribly, horribly, horribly wrong

Girl Talk

Thanks and enjoy!