S04E05: Mark Little

Going face-to-PicnicFace with Mark Little

Mark Little took time away from his busy schedule to join us in studio to talk about improv, television, and the quenching ability of PowerThirst!!!

Join tva, Mark, Darcy and Ian as we face off on the following:

– The arduous schedule of being on the TV schedule
– Life between the west, the east, and the middle-ground
– Hosting the JFL “Homegrown” competition
– The evolution of “PicnicFace”

Thanks and enjoy!



  1. Shelley says:

    Off to find all the PicnicFace I can on the inter-webs. Mark is straight up hilarious – thanks for this!

  2. Shelley says:

    And no one came up with The Big Chill as a Goldblum vehicle?

  3. TVA says:

    Of course not! We’re idiots!

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