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S15E14: Jessica Jessica (Jessica Greco & Jessica Hinkson)


Doubling down with Jessica Greco and Jessica Hinkson

Actors, writers, producers. These two Jessicas do everything and do it great. They are currently selling out film festivals with their latest offering Jessica Jessica. Go see this wonderful film and listen to them here!

Join Jessica, Jessica and TVA as they binge on the following:

– 9/11 was a bad day. Honestly.
– As bad as things are, there’s good things out there.
– We rank butts!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S10E20: Scott Cavalheiro & Claire Stollery


Acting up with Scott Cavalheiro and Claire Stollery from the forthcoming movie ‘Who Is Hannah?’.

Claire and Scott slide by to discuss the movie they helped put together.

Join Claire, Scott and tva as they produce the following:

– The joys of dog ownership
– Fighting as couples is fun
– House hunting should be a banned sport

Thanks and enjoy!

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