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S15E11: Howard Glassman


Dialing in with Howard Glassman.

Humble Howard is a wonderful radio host as well as a funny stand-up comic. Having started his comedy career in the 80s comedy boom, he became a Toronto institution as part of the “Humble & Fred Show” on CFNY/The Edge. You can check out the Humble & Fred Show on Sirius XM as well as on their downloadable podcast.

Join Howard and TVA as they SOMETHING the following:

– How not to be a Morning Zoo DJ
– The last Jew in Moose Jaw
– Get out of your head!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S03E07: Alan Cross

Getting in tune with Alan Cross

Alan has forgotten more about music than you will ever know. Seriously. Give up. He knows it all. He’s also a wonderfully funny guy and we’re happy to have him in studio.

Join tva, Alan, and Ian as we get into some gum-flappery on the following:

– Alan’s early radio days
– The Ongoing History of New Music
– How tva made the giant flinch
– Music nerditry at its finest

And don’t forget to CLICK HERE to bring JIMMY PARDO to Toronto.

Thanks and enjoy!