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S15E13: Kate Barron


Staying positive with Kate Barron.

Kate is a wonderful comedian and has a podcast about positivity called A Positive Spin.

Join Kate and TVA as they shine on the following:

– Comedy touring is easy and not stressful at all
– Punch down at your own peril
– Be nice, idiot!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S14E04: Garnet Fraser


Getting critical with Garnet Fraser.

Garnet is a reviewer of comedy for the Toronto Star who recently reviewed 17 Netflix comedy specials. It was a pleasure talking comedy with him.

Join Darcy, Garnet and TVA as they review the following:

– Netflix is doing a lot of things
– Comedy, Comedy, Comedy
– (Comedy)

Thanks and enjoy!

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S07E07A: By Demand: Ian MacIntyre and “That Ford Weekend”


Following the release of Ian’s episode of the podcast, during which we talked about a document that was being released that day that had several implications on the leadership of Toronto. That document was the ITO.

The next day, this happened and all Hell broke loose in Toronto, on Twitter, and at every news agency.

After its release, and Ian’s episode, we were asked through several channels for a follow-up discussion.

So, we answered the call. Thanks for asking for this and hope you enjoy it.

In this episode we talk about:

– Where were you when Blair spoke?
– The chaos that occurred over the next few days
A former guest speaks out during the Ford Brother’s radio show
– How did it all go weird?
– What do we do next?
Ian’s post on The Beaverton
Ian’s article for Second City

For reference, here are links to the Rob Ford radio show that we refer to in this episode:

Thanks and enjoy!

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