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S03E24: CATP-LIVE! with Debra DiGiovanni and Nile Seguin

Our first live recording of the podcast at Comedy Bar in Toronto with Debra DiGiovanni and Nile Seguin.

[Photo copyright Connie Tsang 2012]

We talk:

– Man spas
– Prepping for comedy specials and CDs
– Deb and Nile’s great podcast “Total Request Comedy”

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E13: Freedom of Speech w/ Nile Seguin

We have our way with words with Nile Seguin.

This episode is devoted for the most part on the Guy Earle case on the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal that has been talked about quite a bit in the comedy community and beyond. Ian gets useful as he was actually at the night in question, so he provides his insights. We thank Nile Seguin for coming in to discuss it with us.

Join tva, Nile, and Nile as we pass judgement on the following:

A well-written blog by comedian Simon Rakoff that captures some good points
– What happened that night
– What does this do to freedom of speech?
Nile’s got a great podcast that he does with Debra DiGiovanni

Thanks and enjoy!