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S15E10: Herbie Barnes & Tracey Hoyt


Cottaging (not that way) with Herbie Barnes and Tracey Hoyt.

Tracey joins us on the podcast for her third appearance and brings Herbie along to talk about their amazing show Cottagers and Indians. The show runs until Mar 25, 2018 so get down there and see this truly funny and thought-provoking play.

Join Herbie, Tracey and TVA as they work on the following:

– First Nations in the zeitgeist
– The Oscars happened
– We do a “Who’s Worked More?” with the people at the studio table

Thanks and enjoy!

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S10E08: Tracey Hoyt


Getting vocal with Tracey Hoyt.

Back for her (as we make it) fourth trip to the podcast, Tracey joins tva in studio to discuss, among other things, her amazing show Face Value: West as part of the SummerWorks Festival in Toronto. Make sure you see this show.

Join Tracey and tva as they talk out the following:

– Voice acting tips for the non-voice actor
– Auditions: Do We Now Know What Hell is Like?
– Improv!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S02E10: Tracey Hoyt

We get animated with Tracey Hoyt.

An Ian-less affair, where Tracey comes by in good voice. We talk about some fantastic shows that she’s now a part of. And tva tries to save a few bob by getting animation voice training early.

Join tva and Tracey as when we don’t talk about food, we talk about:

– Food. Like a lot of it. I did mention that, didn’t I? Dammit.
– Getting your accents together at the Speech Accent Archive
– Tracey’s great work in “Servitude”, “Stag”, and some Dr. Seuss thing
– Getting your voice animated

Thanks and enjoy!