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S06E23: Trent McClellan


Conjuring up conversation with with Trent McClellan.

Always a good time when we have time with our friend Trent in town doing shows at Absolute Comedy.

Join Trent, tva and Darcy as we go to the usual haunts:

– Ever stay in a haunted house?
– Calgary flooding
– Well, then, YOU plan a marriage
– Systems of Joy!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S03E02: Trent McClellan

Down in the maze with Trent McClellan.

We go through a series of left-and-rights with Trent.

Join tva, Trent, and Ian as we go through the following stag-do invite list:

– Touring the west of Canada
– How jokes are never ever completed
– How to distract yourself on long road trips
– Mythical creatures and other mispronounciations
– Bad workplace contests
– Bad stag events

And don’t forget to CLICK HERE to bring JIMMY PARDO to Toronto.

Thanks and enjoy!