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S05E11: Glen Foster

Maple syrup time with comedian Glen Foster.

Glen has performed on several Just For Laughs specials, and it’s a pleasure to bring him into Season Five of the podcast.

Join Glen and tva as they get all Canuck on the following:

– The myriad JFL shows
– Doing corporate shows
– Glen’s New CD!

Thanks and enjoy!


S05E10: Matt O’Brien

Getting spooky with fellow comedian and podcaster Matt O’Brien.

Fellow podcaster and funster Matt slides by on this HALLOWE’EN SPECTACULAR! It’s “spectacular” in that they talk about Hallowe’en in a timely manner.

Join Matt, tva and Darcy as they scare up the following:

– The sighting of juggalos
– The best and worst of Hallowe’en
– Todd’s got a new nickname!
– Matt’s podcast #ReHash
– Stupidly, we don’t talk about his time on Video On Trial. Something for next time…

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E09: Darrin Rose

We get our day in court with Darrin Rose.

Darrin slides by for a spell and we have no objectsion.

Join tva, Darrin, and Ian as we testify on the following:

– Darrin’s time on the bench on “Love Court
– The run-away smash “Video On Trial
– Film work, the Edinburgh Fest, and yet another guest of ours has been on “The Debaters
– Darrin’s work with Gerry Dee

Thanks and enjoy!