S05E10: Matt O’Brien

Getting spooky with fellow comedian and podcaster Matt O’Brien.

Fellow podcaster and funster Matt slides by on this HALLOWE’EN SPECTACULAR! It’s “spectacular” in that they talk about Hallowe’en in a timely manner.

Join Matt, tva and Darcy as they scare up the following:

– The sighting of juggalos
– The best and worst of Hallowe’en
– Todd’s got a new nickname!
– Matt’s podcast #ReHash
– Stupidly, we don’t talk about his time on Video On Trial. Something for next time…

Thanks and enjoy!



  1. Mcbain says:

    i want to see that Mcdonalds commercial, do you have a bierd in it?

  2. Mcbain says:

    i totally spelt beard wrong

  3. Mcbain says:

    maybee twice now

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