S01E23: Dave Paterson

Time for some prenebriation with DAVE PATERSON.

Long-time friend of the show Dave Paterson shows up. Thanksgiving’s bonus episode was so good we had him back. He even admits that he had a good time. Why? Because Ian’s still on the naughty-stoop. So we bring in stand-up stand-in Todd Graham. We do a New Year’s Warm-up and Wind-Down and Talk About:

– How we got a shout-out in Now Magazine for being a half-decent comedy podcast. We thank them.
– We talk about how we fared purchasing gifts this past year
– We get ready for the New Year talking about parties, drink, food, etc
– We wrap up looking at 2010 and examine the best and worst that the year had to offer for comedy, film, and television. Our opinions only.

Enjoy and have a great New Year! See you in 2011!



  1. Todd Graham says:

    No comments yet.

  2. Darcy says:

    True. Maybe this will get the ball rolling.

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