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S20E06: Erica Sigurdson


Getting hopeful with Erica Sigurdson.

Erica Sigurdson is a hilarious touring comedian who you can now see doing Zoom shows. Make sure you check out her comedy.

Join Erica, Producer Darcy and TVA as they move through the following:

– Moving during a pandemic is fantastic.
– Heckler stories!
– Selling merch is humiliating.

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Thanks and enjoy!


S16E12: Evan Carter


Drinking it in with Evan Carter.

Evan is back with tales of corporate shows and meeting pure legends. Make sure you check out his latest show hosting The Legends of Motown. Make sure you check it out if it comes anywhere near you.

Join Evan and TVA as they toast to the following:

– Politics sucks
– What do you do when you’re sitting beside BB King?
– …and Aretha Franklin?

Thanks and enjoy!


S08E13: Brian Stollery


Processing it all with Brian Stollery.

Brian joins us, a friend from out west, and helps tva work his way through the recent death of Robin Williams. They also talk about some of the great stand-up that was found in the 80s in Canada.

Join Brian and tva as they reflect, pontificate and go back to the following:

– A celebration of Robin Williams’s life and work
– Acting v. stand-up
– The early days of stand-up in Canada

Thanks and enjoy!

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