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S16E12: Evan Carter


Drinking it in with Evan Carter.

Evan is back with tales of corporate shows and meeting pure legends. Make sure you check out his latest show hosting The Legends of Motown. Make sure you check it out if it comes anywhere near you.

Join Evan and TVA as they toast to the following:

– Politics sucks
– What do you do when you’re sitting beside BB King?
– …and Aretha Franklin?

Thanks and enjoy!


S11E25: Evan Carter


Closing it out with Evan Carter.

This is the last episode of Season 11 and good friend and funny man Evan comes in to help us close it out in style. Such a fun time.

Note as well, because of renos at-and-around the studio, we’ll be taking a hiatus between now and Season 12. Thanks again for listening!

Join Evan and tva as they finish off the following:

– We drink wine and it’s fun! Seven Falls Cellars sponsored this episode and don’t even realize it.
– Dying starlets, and those that may soon.
– Evan and I are educators!
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Thanks and enjoy!

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S07E13: Lars Classington


Playing along with Lars Classington.

Lars joins Darcy and tva in studio to discuss his inclusion in the Rocksmith 60-Day Challenge.

Join Lars, Darcy and tva as they rock on the following:

– How to play guitar. Seriously.
– Alaskan strip clubs
– Where would you choose to sell insurance?

Thanks and enjoy!

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