S04E24: Christophe Davidson

Truly changing it up with comedian and gadabout Christophe/Dave Davidson.

Over the course of this episode, world-travelling comedian and friend Christophe Davidson swings by and changes before our eyes? Well, tva’s eyes. Everyone else’s ears.

Join Christophe and tva as they get Shanghaied on the following:

– Name-changers
– The art of Roast-Joke writing
– Austrailia, Singapore, and other such places

Thanks and enjoy!


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  1. Shelley says:

    I can’t believe season 4 is almost over. Every season I wonder how you’re going to top what you’ve already done and every season you never fail to disappoint. Fabulous run up to the very last episode, as always. Thanks for always making me laugh gentlemen.

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