S04-05: Bridge/Bumper/Stinger/Bonus! + Humble & Fred!

Meeting up with the Morning Zoo on their turf!

Thanks all for affording us for a little break in between seasons. Season Four was fantastic and we already have some great guests lined up for Season Five. Thanks so much.

As a bonus, here’s a little transition ep for you with tva and Darcy. As well, we’ve included a clip of tva on his recent visit to The Humble and Fred Show. These guys are superb and tva had a blast. As you shall hear!

Season Five is around the corner. Thanks again. Enjoy!


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  1. Shelley says:

    Thanks for calling me out and the backhanded compliment my friend. 🙂 And you wonder why people don’t leave comments.. 🙂

    Love you guys.

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