S01E01: Jocko Alston

Welcome everyone to Season 1, Episode 1 of Comedy Above the Pub.

For the listeners who came over from the TVA Podcast, thanks for following us over here.  We’re looking forward to some exciting times ahead and thank you for continuing with us on the journey.  The show will focus on comedy and bring you guests who may or may not be comedians themselves, but are in fact funny.  We’ve had great comics on in the past like Jo-Anna Downey, Ron Josol, Paul F Tompkins, Imran Yusuf and will continue to bring out the best comics we can.  The likes of “Thirsty Traveler” Kevin Brauch will also be welcomed back.  It’s all in the interest of bringing you a weekly dose of comedy.

To new listeners, we have a bit of a history and can give you a sense as to what we’re about in this archived episode from our previous podcast.  There are others for sure, and we welcome you to troll the archives of the TVA Podcast to find some others that we’ve talked to.  To pick one does a disservice to the other guests that have been fundamental in getting us the listeners that we’ve had.

We’re starting this new show off strong with Montreal-based funny man Jocko Alston.

Join host Todd Van Allen, producer Darcy Fiander, co-host Ian Atlas, and guest Jocko, as the following happens:

– The comedy scene in Montreal
– We have a jazz riff on jazz…be warned
– Behaviour unbecoming in Hartford, CT, starring Pauly Shore
– We talk about voice work and the dreams of sports casting
– Darcy back-peddles up a storm, first episode in…it’s a treat!
– Our first “Tweet the Guest” on the new series floors the guest for a bit.  It’s a deep one, folks.



Music graciously provided by New Fast Automatic Daffodils


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