S03E08: Jamie Lissow

Tuning in with Jamie Lissow.

Recorded in Ottawa in the Absolute Comedy condo in Ottawa, Jamie and tva talk math, comedy, and doing radio.

Join tva and Jamie as we tend to the Morning Zoo on the following:

– The joys of parenthood and uncle-dom
– Only children? Jerks. The lot of them.
– Hecklers and why they’re jerks
– Math. Easy there, not that much.
– Too much merch!
– Life on Leno
– Possibly our last podcast…ever!

And don’t forget to CLICK HERE to bring JIMMY PARDO to Toronto.

Thanks and enjoy!


One comment

  1. Shelley says:

    Bit of a miss on the editing for the clip from Jamie, but aside from that, well done!

    Having dealt with border guards more often than I care to think about, it doesn’t surprise me at all that they were easily confused by Jamie’s multiple passes.

    Thanks for continuing to bring the funny – what the heck did you do with Ian though?

    Just for the record, I’m not intentionally trying to raise an asshole, but given who her parents are, she might not have a whole lot of say in the matter 🙂

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