S01E21: Kevin Brauch

Iron Cheff America co-host KEVIN BRUACH gets us sloppy on the podcast.

Friend and three-time guest of the TVA Podcast Kevin Brauch joins us back for laughs and some really horrible drinks. Join tva, Kevin, Darcy and Ian as we toast the following:

– Aperatifs hit the table and we talk about Kevin’s star factor
– We enjoy a tipple and chat about life on Iron Chef
– We order another round and talk about Canadians who could win
– Another tune from Helen Arney & Paul Richard’s “It’s Going to Be an Awkward Christmas, Darling” now available in iTunes!
– We top up the glasses and get through a mess of “Tweet the Guest” questions
– We have the PURPLE DRANK that gets us sick and well at the same time
– We want you to check out “One Shot with Kevin Brauch” and “I Drink Your Stuff”



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