S04E16: Derek Forgie

Opening up the debate with Derek Forgie.

Old friend Derek slid by the studio for a great discussion leading up to a free-for-all debate on what’s great/sucks about a certain US city.

Join tva and Derek as we spar thusly:

– Derek’s a daddy!
– We’ve got body issues
Mitt Romney’s great app
Jeremy Roenick’s Dance Party
– Derek’s Top 5 Threats to Marriage
– We discuss the Toronto Pride month and The HSSE
– Gentlemen…Las Vegas…FIGHT!!!

Thanks and enjoy!



  1. Shelley says:

    I always love when Derrick drops in. His passion for so many things is always contagious. I feel like I need to go and solve all the world’s problems now. Or lie down and eat ice cream until the feeling passes.

  2. […] lieu of an episode this week, we’ve got a couple of videos taken from the episode with Derek Forgie in Season […]

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