S06R06: Brian Posehn “The Fartist”


Another review just in time to let you know about our show at Johnny Jackson in Toronto, Thursday Aug 22/13 @ 8:30pm with special guest Pay Chen! Hope to see you there.

Now. Let’s get to the latest from Brian Posehn. This week we listen to his latest album “The Fartist”. See how this great comic still sticks to his comedic guns but weaves his current life situation into his material.

Great album, and again, YOU CAN WIN IT!!!

Brian has become a well sought-after character actor, an accomplished comic targeting a nerd/metalhead/weed-smoker audience and culling it into a larger audience. This album, though anchored in all the things that make Brian “Brian” becomes a bit more adult. Give the ep a listen and find out how to win it.

Thanks to Brian and The Laugh Button.



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