S09E25: Richard Comely & Fadi Hakim


Getting illustrative with Captain Canuck creator Richard Comely and Fadi Hakim.

What a way to close out Season 9. We have two guests that would make 8-year old tva pee himself. As well as present day tva. Richard Comely was one of the original artists and creators of the Canadian superhero comic book “Captain Canuck”. Fadi Hakim, owner of the iconic Toronto eatery The Lakeview, is also the producer of the web series for Captain Canuck. These guys are awesome and we are awed and honoured to have them in the fold.

Join Richard, Fadi and tva as they draw on the following:

– The humble beginnings of the Canadian comic book industry
– “Finding your excellence”
– What is to come of Captain Canuck’s newfound fame…again?

Thanks and enjoy!

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