S08E24: Ian MacIntyre


Ford-less with Ian MacIntyre.

It would not be a season if we didn’t enjoy the presence of Ian MacIntyre, so here he is. It’s a season now!!!

Join Ian and tva as they de-emalgamate the following:

– More like Jian Gho-Messy
– #ElectionNightToronto2014
– Did Stanley Kubrick create “Furry Culture”?

Thanks and enjoy!

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  1. Adelina says:

    What so funny about this ??? Your shows are such a waste of my time…

  2. TVA says:

    You raise a fair point. Many things are a waste of time.

    Writing “Gimme a Break!” fan-fiction is a waste of time.
    Trying to get a goddamned gin and tonic at this AA meeting is a waste of time.
    Downloading a podcast you don’t care for, listening to the podcast you don’t care for, finding the website for the podcast you don’t care for and creating a comment on a podcast you don’t care for about how much you don’t care for it is pretty much the biggest waste of time.

    Have fun with life!

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